HCF Engineering
HCF Engineering

Exceptional services provided by HCF to maximize our clients investment, reduce costs, and create a positive effect on the environment bringing realized value to every project.

Water Resources

Pipeline, Network
Watershed, TR-55, PMP, Rational, statistics
Flood Protection, CLOMR,LOMR, LOMA
Client Status Updates, Professional Looking Reports, Excellent Formatting, Content and Results Driven
HY8 Analysis, Structural Design
Outlet/Inlet Analysis, Water Quality, Sediment Analysis, Spillway Design, Routing analysis
Environmental, SWPPP, Local , State, Federal
LRFD/ACI, Concrete Mix Design, Site infrastructure Facility Design, Tanks, Condition Assessment


Grading, Signage, Steep Terrain, Protection of Existing Environment
Geometric Design in Civil 3D, ROW Considerations, Environmental, Slope
Flexible, Rigid, Subgrade Evaluation
Footing Design, Arch, Suspended slab


Profile, Conflict Analysis
Alignment, Layout
Tie in to Existing

Site Design

Max/Min Slope, Erosion Control, Drainage, ADA Compliance
Gravity Wall, Rock Wall, Masonry
Ingress/Egress, Pavement Evaluation and Design
Flow, Ease of Use
Construction Services, Field Verification, On-Site Support, GPS Services, As-Builts, Drone Services